In commemoration of Armed Forces Remembrance Day.

Today is emarked as Armed Forces Remembrance Day. It is a day set aside worldwide to honor the sacrifices of all armies ranging from land, Marine, Navy et al all over the world.

We celebrate your immense sacrifices. The things you go through which words cannot convey are gigantic. This has not only cost you sweat but blood also.

The Nigerian army is deserving of resounding accolades. It has been going through trying times especially in it’s bid to fight the renown terrorist group; Boko Haram. And honestly, much victory is recorded despite fierce adversity. We salute your resilience and doggedness to this cause. We’ll overcome!

To as many whose last drop of blood was drawn to this cause, may the Almighty grant them eternal rest and comfort us all.

Much love!




It is Allen Saunders who once said that “Life is what happens to us while we are making other plans.”

There is no denying the fact that this quote, is the complete definition of the year 2020. A lot of hope and expectations had been tied to the year and man, we all anticipated that it will be one of the best of all years. Funny enough, it started on a good run, until there was a twist in the story.

The outbreak of the Corona virus, brought the world to a stand still and shook many economies especially Nigeria that hazardously jumped into recession . For the first time, we were opened to the reality of her interwoven the entire universe is. A small virus from China spread over all the continent; really baffling. For the first time in a long time, the world was United.

There is no denying the fact that the Corona virus did a lot of harm, but it opened us up to a lot of things and these include:

-How we have been busy, neglecting those things that matter most to us. For the first time in a long while, families could connect deeply and feel the love in them without the anxieties of daily life hustle.It gave a lot of us opportunities to re-access our lives, to take a break and understand where we are heading to.

-The importance of community is the hallmark of 2020 for me. Somehow, we became our brother’s keeper. Yet again the fires solidarity and neighborliness was ignited. Compassion blossomed genuinely in our hearts and we took intentional efforts to check up on one another.

-It thought us to always be susceptible to change, and desire to constantly grow. A lot of persons lost their job, but a lot of others where created. Life we not be a roller coaster of our desires and expectations but in it there’s an innate ability in man to create and to carve out a path.

-Learning isn’t all about the four walls of a classroom. It is the constant desire to be better that matters. The desire to learn, relearn and unlearn. And suddenly we just were faced with the reality of how sudden the society has become skill based making one efficiently skilled as against merely having a certificate. This opened a lot of opportunities while shutting others.

These among many, where lessons 2020 brought to us. The hallmark for me however, is that as humans, when we come together, there is nothing we cannot achieve. Our power is in each other and we must watch out to make our world better.

2021 is a beautiful year with still a lot of uncertainties to unravel. Ensure you enjoy the ride, learn and implement every lesson learned and most importantly; insist on THRIVING REGARDLESS!

GHABI weekly message

Who did Jesus Heal? 1

Welcome to a brand new year, God did it for us again, and we remain grateful to Him, all the glory is His now and forever more, Amen.

We are starting this year with the series “Who did Jesus Heal?” In the series we will be looking at the life of people Jesus healed, their faith, wisdom, drive, focus etc. We will also see how the power of God works with our attitude.

In the cause of this study we hope to learn from them and also apply some of their qualities in our lives, we will learn the power of faith and persistence, we will also learn the importance of gratitude.

This series will contain ten 10 episode including this introduction and the conclusion, every part will carry a unique message as the Holy spirit is leading us to write, we will share the series every Sunday, all things being equal.

By Duwara

God Has Better Idea weekly message

Who did Jesus Heal? 1

Welcome to a brand new year, God did it for us again, and we remain grateful to Him, all the glory is His now and forever more, Amen.

We are starting this year with the series “Who did Jesus Heal?” In the series we will be looking at the life of people Jesus healed, their faith, wisdom, drive, focus etc. We will also see how the power of God works with our attitude.

In the cause of this study we hope to learn from them and also apply some of their qualities in our lives, we will learn the power of faith and persistence, we will also learn the importance of gratitude.

This series will contain ten 10 episode including this introduction and the conclusion, every part will carry a unique message as the Holy spirit is leading us to write, we will share the series every Sunday, all things being equal.

Remember to share the messages with family and friends as it impacts in you.

Remember why Jesus came in John 10:10,

“The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy; I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full.”

Jesus came to give us a full life that is why we will not allow sickness inhibit us, when we can go to Jesus for healing and restoration.

May God help us to be pertakers of His wonders, Amen.

Thank you
Have a successful year


2020 In A Nutshell: THANK YOU

We’ve talked severally about the year rounding up and bringing a lot of things into perspective. It’s no longer in the future tense but present. We have not only come close to the edge but we are at the edge. The year has actually come to a close and in a little while we’ll be welcoming another.

2020 came with a whole lot. Most of which we didn’t see coming. Aside the hounding covid 19 pandemic that brought the world to a stand still for several months, a lot also happened. People have lost their jobs and homes and loved ones, business went bleak. The economy ran indepthedly into recession and ravaging negative bank balances. The protest cum apathy from a government to her citizenry. Just so much for a year.

The bad news is the good news. We can see the glass half full or we can choose to see it half empty. When we reflect deeply, we are certain to see the beauty on every situation and victory on the other side. Probably you lived through a lot this year with acute vulnerability, confusion and panic; the fullest sun comes after the worst rain.

Conversely, if you fall amongst the smaller percentage who had 2020 as their best year and had a meteoric rise. Dance a jig!

Personally, I started the year jabbing a blunt finger tip with so much uncertainty. But it turned out to be one of my best years so far. Honestly, I give 2020 an endorsement despite the tough grin. I can say I made giant steps from creeping over the line. I met very beautiful persons and ventured out amidst uncertainty. I started my blog this year which is huge and was also called to the Nigerian Bar which is the largest Bar in Africa.(LoL)

There’s so much to be thankful for. You see, the problem is we have a flawed perception of success and we mostly give it a numerical quantification. Real beauty and bliss isn’t measurable with numerical/scientific standards. Sometimes the most basic and foundational connotations of success are in the intangibles such a love, friendship, peace, relationships, impact et al unfortunately, we easily discountenance them. We are all succesful in different worlds.

I employ you to counts your blessings, thank your Creator and everyone and everything he has used in 2020. It’s part of your story. It is very important to the extend that it determines the next phase of your life.

The voice palace says a big THANK YOU for your support. We are writers because you are here to read. Your comments, likes and follows are big wins to us. It gives us the energy to continue. Keep them coming. A big THANK YOU to all our clients and prospective clients; we are still on this trip and ready to serve you. You mean so much to us.

Compliments of the season.

NEW SONG ALERT: His Power by Pam Hannatu

The power of God is like a rainbow of limitless shades. In whatever shade it manifest within time, it is utter beauty and bliss. There is no fault in him and he has the ability to do all things and be all things but to fail. He is not less God nor less powerful because of the times he tells us NO.

It takes little or no effort to see the power of God in the good times but it takes being intentional and deliberate to acknowledge the might and power of God through loss and pain.

Hannatu Pam Chollom is a minister of the gospel through songs and Psalms. She is a vessel God has carved for himself through experience. A lady familiar with pain and loss yet, still holding the forte.

Through her hurting experiences, particularly the death of her father and subsequently mother gave her series of encounters that has solidified her conviction about God.

No doubt, this song titled “His power” released in commemoration of her birthday anniversary is a product of such encounters. That in the midst of heated pain, loss and despair; we can trust in the power of God even when reality defies human understanding and verifiable evidence.

This song promises an edification of our spirit man from burning out spiritually due to overwhelming pressures of life and struggles of this world. When life becomes extremely uncomfortable, tap into the sufficiency and ability of God’s power to meet every need and to do all things.

Please download the song for your edification and listening pleasure. Do well to share to as many. Be blessed.

Thank you.

His power Lyrics

1st stanza:
He has the power to say no…
He has the power to heal the broken heart….
He has the power to separate the sea….
He has the power to amend everything…..

2nd stanza:
His power is moving everywhere…..
His power is touching everyone…
His power can move every Mountain….
His power is healing everyone….

Shout the name of Jesus
Shout the name
Of yaweh….
Shout the name of Jesus
Shout the name
Of yaweh….

Oh oh oh….
Eh eh eh….
Oh oh oh…..

The ending…



It is very easy for us to see ourselves as insignificant and incapable of influencing change, no wonder we do things without even considering if it will have a down side upon the lives of others.

I somehow was in this category and with that mindset. I had the belief that there are many people up there doing great and amazing things that will captivate people’s attention and so I am oblivious and invisible.

However, all this was proven wrong, when at a gathering a number of persons came up to me and spoke about how I have influenced them in one way or the other. A lot still look up to me and are grateful for each encounter.

Being the change and influencing the world isn’t about where we are, who we are or how perfect we are. There is always someone who sees us as a source of encouragement. This puts responsibility on us to be better and great. No matter how insignificant you think you are, there is always someone watching and looking up to you.

An African proverb has this to say; “if you think you are to small to make a difference, you have never been in a room with a mosquito.”


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Some things just take time; don’t be so hard on yourself.

How are you doing? I mean how are you really doing? You can stop reading this for a while just so figure out. The year is coming to a close and a lot is happening. 
One seems to be on a swing set of  anxiety, hopes, fears and daunting reality of unmet expectations.

I believe you are doing just what is enough for the moment. Some seasons are basically for  seed planting. Just that some seeds take longer time than others. Give yourself the allowance to grow. Rome wasn’t built in a day.

It’s amazing how we fight for friends, tolerate toxic stuff and forgive others effortlessly. This is indeed commendable. But the problem is, we do not extend such act mercy and generosity to our own selves as we do to others.

We don’t appraise our own effort. We beat ourselves over things which are most times out of our control and infact, refuse to forgive ourselves for the mistakes of the past. Dealing with your self with leniency does not mean condoning ill behavior, it is having faith in your purpose and passion and pressing on resiliently no matter what.

Pulling your shit to your face makes you an object of self ridicule and a mess in a world of promise. This will often lead to both anxiety and depression.

Some things simply take time and that is what we don’t give ourselves. We don’t give ourselves the time to heal, to be productive or tarry long enough to see results.  We are simply just being hard on our own selves.

Once upon a time; I was sick but felt I had so much on my plate and kept managing my health until I finally broke down. A health challenge I could have majestically walked into the hospital for check up ended in tears.  Even on sick bay, I was in a hurry to heal. It was an emergency not only because I was terribly sick but because I wanted to heal urgently.

I was really in pain but I was more desirous of returning back to my regular schedule and attend to the things I thought were urgent.

I wanted to heal instantly!

But it never happens that way. Again, Good things take time. One of which is healing. Give yourselves time to heal both physically, mentally and emotionally.

In like manner, give yourself time to grow.  There is a law of nature called process.

In that process, you will make mistakes. Again don’t fight yourself. Give yourself that allowance to fail your way into success. Things take time.

Don’t be hard on your self. It is okay to scold yourself but know when to move on. Learn the art of showing up for yourself. Give yourself the allowance of making mistakes; unlearning and learning. Pull yourself back up and keep moving. Don’t be too edgy to your own self.

Give yourself time to grow, to heal, to build the career, faith, relationship and life of your dreams. It just takes time!


Social media as the new power and game changer for social movements builds the focal point in a recent discuss by SMSGAfrica in its November’s edition of it fireside chat held in Jos, Plateau State.

The fireside chat with the theme: social movements and the use of social media for social impact, is geared to empower participants with information and resources needed to be able to drive social movements while leveraging on social media.

Discussants at the event; Oluwadaser David, Director-General PICTDA; Teyei Joel, Co-founder Tomruk iHub Multiverse; Maryam Mohammed, Founder Women in Leadership Initiative and Ponsah Fanap, Broadcast Journalist at Jay FM, with Nankpak Cirfat, Team Lead SMSGAfrica moderating the discuss made turns to make contributions to the discuss.

According to Mr. Teyei Joel, social movements are an organized gathering of individuals and groups who either want to show discontent or certain things from happening. Teyei went further to reiterate that social media is a game changer for social movements as it presents an open and participatory platform.

Mr. Oluwadaser David stressed need to have an identified source of information, as communication among social movements can be effective through social media which will help foster the achievement of the goals and aims of the movements.

On regulation of the social media space, Mr. Ponsah Fanap opines that government should have some form of regulation, but technology companies should handle regulation on their platforms.

Ms. Maryam Mohammed added that admins of social media groups should also regulate the kind of profiles allowed into the groups and also have some rules to guild in the sharing of content on the platforms.

While thanking speakers and participants, the founder of Tomruk iHub Multiverse, Mr. Ayuba Job David advised that government should use relevant MDA’s to teach young people how to use social media responsibly.

The November’s edition had Young Leaders and representatives from the Government, CSOs, Private Sector and the Academia in attendance, and was put together by Jos based Tomruk iHub Multiverse with support from ITEdgenews, Compunent and African Languages Hub.