Welcome to the voice palace blog!

Evelyn Pulle

Perhaps you are like me right now having to start a project or business, make a certain decision despite a host of unanswered questions glaring at you in the face, probably like the whole world stuck in the midst of an un-fetched reality with great uncertainty of a day called tomorrow or wondering what this blog has to offer LOL! 

Please stay with us.  Dealing with uncertainties and fear of the unknown can be over bearing.  I have to confess that starting this blog was a bit of a task especially with overwhelming uncertainties but I guess we are here now.

Uncertainties usually come when we get unsure of the next phase of our lives, the resultant effect of our decisions or inactions. I guess it is also an accompanying pandemic to the Covid-19 pandemic.  The whole world seems to be hitting the snooze button. Sometimes, we plan and insist we have to figure things perfectly even before we begin acting on them. This often meets a bad reality because things may not be all figured out before we start.

Life is a handful of uncertainty. We cannot keep tarrying or putting our lives at a fix until things get certain.

Do it afraid!

Like I don’t have all the words but I am still going to write all the same. This is my first blog post and I am sort of overwhelmed with this mixed feeling and today I have decided to launch my blog; not that the fear has gone but that; one major testament of conviction is the ability to act in the presence of fear, obscurity and great uncertainties.

It is okay to have fears and doubt especially as it relates to an unknown.  Fear is an indispensable emotion that is part and parcel of our existence. It is okay to fear and have doubts but instead of allowing them close your mind, allow them open your eyes to the many opportunities at our grasp.

You have to deliberately come out of your comfort zone and keep a great attitude. Welcome uncertainties with positivity that life holds a bunch of good stuff for you. And the only way to unravel such a precious gift is just ACT!

One of my favorite words are “the flowers of  today are the seeds of yesterday”  (John L Mason)

May we never fail to act today because we are unsure about tomorrow. Let the uncertainties of tomorrow propel us to act today.

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