We do not wish to denigrate the efforts of Nigerian clinicians or medical practitioners as to emphasis their errors and undoings. However, it has become pertinent to ring an alarm on the thriving rate of medical negligence, leading to a spike in mortality rate, and undue terminal illnesses on patients who approach them for help.

Negligence as a tort, consists of the breach of a legal duty to take care. This often results in damage, undesired by the defendant to the plaintiff(victim). This legal obligation flows from the duty man owes to another. This is both a divine obligation and a legal duty. This has gotten a legal backing following the principle in the case of “Donogue V Stevenson” expounded in the ‘Neighbor principle’.

The tort of negligence is both a commission and an omission. Suffice is to say that, failure to do a thing leading to harm on another can also be construed as negligence of some sort. Also, Any careless and unreasonable action, which causes damage is actionable in Law.  This commission and omission leads to liability for the tort of negligence.


For an action to succeed for negligence, it must be established that:
1. The defendant owes a legal duty to take care to the party towards a complaining party.

2. The defendant breached that duty.

3. The plaintiff suffered undesirable, and consequential damage due to the breach of that duty

4. The damage which was reasonably foreseeable resulted from the breach of such duty to take care (proximity).

The principle enunciated in the case of “Donugue v Stevenson,” brings us to a confluence between a legal and a moral obligation which one man, owes another. This principle posit it that “you must love your neighbor and must not do anything that causes injury to your neighbor.” Here, it was established that my neighbor is any person who is closely or directly affected by my actions that I ought to have in my contemplations. This treats negligence to mean an act or omission causing injury or harm to a person regardless of intentions or the state of mind.

The categories of negligence are countless. There are a lot of duty situations in practice ranging from employer to employees and vis a versa; duty of road users to one another and pedestrians, lawyers and solicitors to clients etc. However, this piece focuses on Negligence carried out by professionals in the medical sector. Medical practitioners such as doctors, Pharmacists, Laboratory Scientists, doctors et al., owe their patients a duty to care.

Everyone in the medical profession undertakes to exercise a reasonable level of care and skill. This therefore, assures patients that reasonable care and caution will be taken in the dispensation of the professionals’ duty.

This seeming assurance doesn’t mean that the practitioner determines the result or outcome of an operation, but that such professional has the requisite training and skill in the profession that commands the trust of the patient. This is an undertaking that such professional will carry out his\her duty with utmost care and skill. 
Medical negligence has wide coverage ranging from misdiagnosis, wrong decisions and treatment method, abandonment of hpatients, prescription errors, drug dosage errors or surgical errors which may lead to increased morbidity, permanent injury or death.


Medical practitioners owe the following duties to the patients:

1. A duty of care in deciding whether to undertake the case.

2. A duty of care in deciding what treatment to administer.

3. A duty of care in the administration of treatment in a proper manner and magnitude.

It is generally expected of such a professional to show a fair, reasonable and competent degree of skill. It is not required that he should use the highest degree of skill, for there may be persons who have higher education and greater advantages than he has, nor will he be held to have a guaranteed a cure.


medical professionals will be held liable for medical negligence on two findings by the court on professional standard viz:

1. That such professional is not possess of the requisite skill or knowledge which he\she professed to have possessed.This is an error by a medical professional traceable to ignorance on technical matters that any one of that profession ought to be familiar with.

2. That such professional did not exercise reasonable competence and skill in the given case which he did posses. A degree of prudence and caution should be traceable in the manner a practitioner carried out his duties. 

The recent spike in the rate of deaths caused by gross medical negligence is alarming and calls for caution. This caution is a threefold; first to the medical practitioners; secondly, the patients and thirdly, law makers/government respectively.

This is to ring an alarm and draw the attention of Nigerian Legislators to the growing number of cases of medical negligence to take proactive measures to save humanity before it is wiped off.
It is understandable and globally accepted that death is the fate of every man, conversely, the life of one should not be cut short, because of the negligence of another or human errors that could have been avoided.

It is both a professional duty by law and a moral obligation. Nigeria is a very religious country that we largely let serious issues slide due to the religious connotations we have attached to the flaws of man.
The plight of Patients/victims is largely of ignorance of their fundamental rights. While some are genuinely ignorant of their rights, a larger percentage of the educated Nigerians may be aware of their rights and duties owed them by law but will rather ‘leave things in the hands of god,’ than to institute legal action in the face of glaring negligence or harm. It either that, “it is the will of God, or it is fate or Gods time.”

Failure to administer optimal care to a patient is a breach of their fundamental right and it is actionable in the Court of Law. Aggrieved persons should thereby approach the Court for re-dress. In like manner, the government should ensure they provide recent technologies and medical equipment for efficient medical service delivery. On a whole, Medical practitioners should step up!

Godiya by Hannatu Pam

“Godiya” is a song expressing gratitude and praise to God. A grateful and thankful heart receives in greater measure from the Lord. Join the many all over the world as we express our gratitude to our Creator through this song.

From the dept of my heart
I have come before you
Holy spirit saturate my heart 2×
I have come before your presence God
Holy spirit saturate my heart 2×
Ga Godiya na Ga sujada na ah
Ni na zo a gaban ka Jehovah 3×

I have nothing to give to you
But I bring myself before you
To give you the sacrifice of praise
I will stay where you build for me.

Ga Godiya na
Ga sujada na ah
Ni na zo a gaban ka Jehovah 3×

Yesu ni….
I wanna worship
I wanna give you
All my worship
You deserve it all
I wanna give you all of me Lord
I give you all my worship Lord
You deserve it all 2×

Ga godiya na
Ga sujuda na ah
Ni na zo a gaban ka Jehovah 3×


It is trite that where the right of one ends, the right of another begins. Such that while you have the right to swing your arms, it is another’s right to be unharmed and untouched by such act.

Suffice is to say that, I support the Southern Governor’s resolution to ban open grazing and I am particularly moved by their harmony following the consent of their members of the house of representatives.

Open grazing is not in tandem with present day realities. The society evolves and every initiative/business must consistently adopt to this change both to maintain relevance and eschew chaos.

With this resolution, one question comes to mind. WHAT OPTION DOES THE COUNTRY HAS FOR THESE SECT?

Ranching is the practice of raising grazing livestock especially cattle and sheep in an exclusive portion of land. Nigeria is not the only country with livestock farming and shouldn’t cause insecurity to the entire nation and a threat to other’s lives and property.

Mexico, Southern America, Canada, Australia, China, to mention just a few are all involved in cattle farming via the ranging system. Yet, they have not posed a security threat to their nations.

These countries have been able to adapt to present day realities and made use of evolving technology and have produced the largest cattle ranches all over the world such as China modern Dairy, wave Hill, Clifton’s Hill and others thereby boosting their Country’s industry and GDP.

Cattle farming in Nigeria should be done legitimately without being a nuisance to other people considering that we are all Nigerians.

Cattle farmers all over the nation should LEGITIMATELY acquire land for their businesses. If I cannot walk into other people’s farmlands and begin planting simply because I am a Nigerian and my business is farming or forcefully acquire another’s shop because I have a business idea, in like manner a herder should not violently acquire and destroy my farm/property because his business is cattle rearing.

Also, there should be law and order in every sane society. The society should be fair and just to very one.

There are different recognized ways of land acquisition under the Nigerian law ranging from first settlement to transfer of title via sale, mortgages or leases.

Herders should enter MOUs, Sale Agreements and leases with land owners for the use of land. Investors should also consider this venture worth investing in and Government should support this initiative with the requisite technology and basic amenities in order to boost it’s overall economic performance.

On a final note, I commend the stance of the Southern Governors and employ Plateau State and the Middle Belt as a whole to consider and take proactive measures suitable for it’s region. It is actually hard to determine where we stand. We may call ourselves the middle belt but we have a Governor who is the head of Northern Governors forum.


Have you ever wondered how Tesla Inc. started? or any Company/person considered to be successful? Yes, I always do. I’m always at the other end asking questions and  gabbling musings around.

Whenever this question comes to mind, our minds are most probable to tilt towards complex concepts, mathematical expressions, finance and budgetary.

While this may be correct, it is not foundational.  The most basic requirement for success is the idea first and foremost.  These ideas may come as random thoughts. The ideas that make you  chuckle alone, ideas that defies logic, possiblity and makes you wonder if at all you are lucid.

What is foundational to every success story yet oftentimes unheeded, is the generation of the ideas that will evolve into goals and visions.

Napoleon Hill, in his book, ‘Think and Grow Rich’ which I infact recommend said something profound. I quote:

“all achievements, all earned riches, have their beginning in an idea! if you are ready for the secret, you already posses one half of it; therefore you will readily recognize the other half the moment it comes to mind”

What do you see? What ideas readily comes to mind?  Vision is not severable from ideas.

If we agree that we all have the ideas for innovations, creativity and desired results consistently roaming through our minds, then infact, we will all agree that we have the resource requisite to build tenets and achieve  success.

You probably have not acted on these ideas because you think they are mere random thoughts or that  they are not organized enough and question the possibility of it’s realization.

There’s one way to start; write it down! It is for an appointed time. Half of the time; the only currency in my pocket is my dream, a mirage of ideas journaled. It is so ridiculous that I barely have the confidence to read it twice talk more of showing anyone else. This is but a product of my mid night musings and the encounter with the deep. I have not achieved any yet but at least it’s journaled and I am working on them bit by lit, little by little.

You will be successful if you don’t denigrate the ideas you have and start working to bring them into fruition.

I will end with a quote from Thomas Edison;

“The value of an idea lies in the using of it.“

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Senator I. D. Gyang of Plateau North and Deputy Chairman Senate Committee on Defence says #CHOOSE-TO-CHALLENGE, which is the Theme for 2021 International Women’s Day was well thought out and captures an already established fact that the world does not give you what you deserve but what you fight for.

The Senator holds that the #ChooseToChallenge theme is a battle cry by women allerting the world that the voice of the womenfolk is refusing to be cowed nor silenced anymore!

Senator Gyangs says such decisive advocacy, determined and made up mind backed by appropriate action is all that is required for womenfolk to take their rightful place in society socially, economically, politically and otherwise, nationally and globally.

The Senator says the likes of Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala are by their exploits and exceptional attainments forcefully rewriting the narrative in favour and honour to womanhood.
Watching the world bow to welcome her the first day on assumption of office as the Director General of the World Trade Organisation is no doubt a bold statement and a salute to womanhood!

Senator Gyang says such significant and world humbling outings by women needs to be replicated particularly by the African woman to erace the vestiges of repugnant cultures and compel respect, recognition and positioning of women for strategic leadership both in the public and private sectors and also for global reckoning.

The Senator says the greatest instrument and platform for raising, preparing and equipping African women of the future is education. In this regard, the need for increased support for Girl child education in Nigeria is the key to drive the emancipation and development of women in the Nigerian society and should therefore be taken as a priority by governments at all levels.

The Senator holds that the days of nay sayers, demeaning anti-women prejudices, and such retrogressive narratives against women are gone for good!

Senator Gyang congratulates Women worldwide particularly the enterprising and resilient women of Plateau North who are proving their mettle on the farms, trades, academics, politics, professions, etc. He caps it by reirterating his cherished and celebrated sayings to the effect that;

Musa Ibrahim Ashoms,
Special Assistant,
Media & Protocol to
Senator I. D. Gyang, Esq.


What is freedom?
Is freedom absolute?
To what extent can an individual be said to have freedom?

Freedom generally means having the ability to act or change without constraint. Something is “free,” if it can change easily, and is not constrained in its present state. It is associated with having  Will, and being without undue or unjust constraints, or enslavement. A person is said to be free when he has the freedom to do things that will not, in theory or in practice, be prevented by other forces. 

Recently, I was involved in a discussion with some teenagers and how they thought at a certain stage of their lives, they’ll be free to do whatever they wanted, and however they wanted. I have no disdain to this line of thought, because we all thought that way at some point and probably still do.

So my passing out Parade from the Nigerian Youth Service Corp was few weeks ago, and I had quite a lot going through my mind. First was the illusive freedom I have always desired with the believe that getting to this level will afford, and secondly, the question of “what next?”

I think life at different levels dishes some levels of liberty as we progress. These liberties are not far-fetched. What are liberties when on the other end is a load of consequences?

So you finished your primary school education and proceeded to High School. At this point, the weight of parental/teachers constraints is a bit relaxed. Tertiary institutions allows you more liberties. You can seemingly do as you wish. One of the pros of Tertiary institutions, is the freedom to do what you want which in like manner is a disadvantage.

The quest for freedom is innate in man. No wonder, we have tagged some rights as human rights such as freedom of speech, freedom of religion, freedom of association et al. Man at every stage is fighting for some sort of freedom. some are physical, psychological, spiritual or financial.

I think the quest for freedom only leaves one on a wild chase of an unmet reality. Freedom is an illusion. It is ghost chasing. This is because despite the supposed freedom, there are still unseen hands of constraints. while we can easily discountenance these hands, we cannot in fact run from the consequences.

Our freedom and liberties are pronounced in our individual and collective principles, laws and morals. According to Wendy Hui Kyong Chun; ‘Liberty is linked to human subjectivity..’

Such that, I may have the freedom of association but will rather not associate with every group or association I see. Or having the freedom of movement but I shouldn’t be everywhere. This is a testament to the fact that all things are permissible but not all things are expedient. The apex of our freedom is seen in our restraint. A man of freedom is one under authority being cognizant of the cause of effect of his actions and inactions.

Rejoice Shamah Initiative; project clothe someone.

What is volunteerism?

Volunteering is a voluntary act of an individual or group freely giving time and labour for community service.

The essence of volunteerism is not giving part of a surplus one doesn’t need, but giving part of one’s self. Such giving is more than a duty of the heart, but a way people help themselves by satisfying the deeper spiritual needs that represent the best that is in you.

You can volunteer with your time, skill and resources. Nothing ain’t too little nor too much. Volunteering is an exhibition of our hope in humanity. Let non hear you say there’s nothing I can do.

Do you want to volunteer?
If yes,

Have you heard about Rejoice Shamah Initiative?

Rejoice Shamah Initiative (RSI) is a non government and non profit organization aimed at community development with projects geared towards attacking social vices taking a toll on people.

Our target this Year is to have less people wearing torn or dirty Clothes and to achieve this we will be working intensely to ensure clothes get to everyone in need in Communities within and outside Jos, Plateau State and to a few northern states.

How can you come in?

You can volunteer with your time and skill for the actualization of this goal. Your money and clothes will make huge impact.
Do you have clothes you’ve not worn in recent times, do you feel pained seeing others without clothes or looking dirty? Do you want to support this project with your money?

We have a charity bank to receive your clothes and donations to this cause.

The Alex Ladan Foundation is where all these can reach us. It is located behind NTA Park, just opposite Omega Hotel.

Volunteer today!

We hope to hear from you soonest.

Thank you!

How to Increase your Emotional Intelligence

Have you ever read a novel, or see a movie and your favorite character got your endorsement simply because of petulant comments, emotional displacement, or some other blind spots known to all but the character?

This is me, in the series “Suits.” Louis happens to be my favorite character for the wrong reasons. His emotional bandwidth, with forward genuineness and empathy for the people he cares about, gives me a great muse.

Louis’s insatiable appetite for the endorsement of people, particularly Mr Harvey Spector always meets an abyss, making him emotionally vulnerable and unpredictable.

Today, I want to talk about emotional intelligence. When we talk about intelligence, our minds first think about cognitive intelligence. Every human has both the emotional mind and the rational mind, and non is to be taking more seriously at the expense of the other. Emotional intelligence is the ability to understand and manage your emotions.

Emotion is a natural instinctive state of mind, derived from one’s circumstance, mood, or relationship with others. Emotions are fluid. However, actions triggered by emotions not properly handled are not so easy to erase. Acting emotionally is like “I don’t give a shit about the future, I care about right now.”-Louis.

My favorite scenes in the movie “suits,” are Louis’s engagements with his therapist. At some point, the therapist told him he’s scared to confront his issues. We need to first understand that there’s an issue, first off and be ready to take steps.

How to understand emotional intelligence?
Know what:

  1. Makes you frustrated?
  2. Makes you feel sad?
  3. Lastly, what makes you feel unwanted?

And how do you manage these at the right time and at the right degree?

  1. Meditation: in the midst of a heated situation, we can steal a thinking time when a part of our emotions has been triggered. We learn to control our thoughts by practicing outside the situation. By doing that, we are able to give the rational mind charge over the emotional mind.
  2. Keeping a journal: Writing or keeping track of how your day went keeps our emotions in good check. Keeping daily reflection entails intentionally taking out time at the end of each day to sit down and access our day, especially through writing.
  3. Getting feedback: Blind spots are things about you that all, but you see about you. Truth is at a certain point of our lives, there are certain negative traits we exhibit but would argue about when confronted. The fact that we don’t see them doesn’t mean they do not exist. Ask for feedback, and be ready to swallow the bitter pill because most certainly, it is not what you’ll want to hear about yourself. When you do, appreciate them and ask how you can do better.
  4. Pulling down existing mental/physical strongholds: We have to be pragmatic in dealing with certain behaviors. They affect our emotions a great deal. These include mindset such as it is you against the world, being weak and refusing help, procrastination, impatience, rush work, being stubborn, and lazy et al.

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So the previous week broke with the shock suicide news of a Young Man in the city of Lagos, in his mid-twenties who jumped off the Third Mainland Bridge. He had so much life ahead of him. Quite unfortunate!

We got into a heated discussion about it in the office with colleagues as to why people commit suicide. One of the things I said, and still maintain is that our mindset and thinking pattern affects us a great deal. Depression has been the major cause of suicide, but it’s first and foremost preconceived; meaning it comes to your mind like a world of ideas, making suggestions, and you’ve got to decide whether suicide is the way out.

Life is not a rollercoaster of good stuff and enjoyment only. It’s a mixture of the good, the bad and the ugly. And for a fact, bad things happen to good people; sad!

Challenges make life worth living. Imagine a life devoid of challenges, it may seem appealing but most certainly, it will be boring. However, in the midst of all the challenges here and there, we are empowered to overcome.

Feeding negative thoughts and perceptions about life wouldn’t allow us to see life as a beautiful gift.
We can’t allow impulsive negative and pessimistic mindset to hinder us from soaring new heights and seeing brighter days ahead even when we in real sense cannot see it.

Not as though you should deny your present reality but that what ever had happened is all in the past. We just need to acknowledge and move through it.

Taffi Dollar in her book Authentic; Dare to be real said something profound which I agree with, and I quote:

“Rather than focusing on the past or present circumstances, think about how you want your life to be. Concentrate on the goals you want to achieve, and the fact that you have been given a second chance at a better and more purposeful life. What happened yesterday may not have been fair; it may not have even been your fault. Some situations probably could have been avoided had the choices been different, but none of that can be changed now. We must learn from the past and embrace the future. When we fail to learn from the lessons, we are destined to repeat it. By learning from the experience, we position ourselves to grow, gain peace and discover a positive outlook on life.”

I’ll end with the Serenity Prayer which says:

God Grant me the Serenity
to accept the things I cannot change;
Courage to change the things I can;
And wisdom to know the difference.

I care about you deeply, and whatever you’re going through, that which you can’t tell anyone, that which makes you cry at night I pray you garner the courage to live through it. Suicide is not an escape route!


In commemoration of Armed Forces Remembrance Day.

Today is emarked as Armed Forces Remembrance Day. It is a day set aside worldwide to honor the sacrifices of all armies ranging from land, Marine, Navy et al all over the world.

We celebrate your immense sacrifices. The things you go through which words cannot convey are gigantic. This has not only cost you sweat but blood also.

The Nigerian army is deserving of resounding accolades. It has been going through trying times especially in it’s bid to fight the renown terrorist group; Boko Haram. And honestly, much victory is recorded despite fierce adversity. We salute your resilience and doggedness to this cause. We’ll overcome!

To as many whose last drop of blood was drawn to this cause, may the Almighty grant them eternal rest and comfort us all.

Much love!