Andrew Fletcher famously said, “Let me make the songs of a nation, and I care not who makes its laws.”

The first time I came across this quotes, was in one of Ravi Zacharias’ messages. I had to to pause for a while, take it back, and listen again.

Source: Wikipedia

On the surface, the quote might seem not to be ambitious enough. However, a deep look into it, will wow you. I don’t think Fletcher was a man who saw the world like most of us.

A look at majority of those who shaped history will reveal that these guys weren’t focused on writing laws, but shaping art, songs and culture. Somehow, I have come to see that in such ways, are changes made and influence birth.

Mental Floss

Leornado, Shakespeare, Langston and a whole host of others are men who shaped the world through their art, than most laws do. We can’t also deny the influence that “Fashion” as a form of art, can make people do the most ridiculous of things. The #EndSARS protest in Nigeria was made even bigger by the influence of art and other things.

In the long run, Art is life.

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