Friends are some of the most amazing treasures one can have.

No man can fully exist or reach his potential without friends.

Lately, I have been forced to ask myself if friendships are eternal. I mean, we make friends with people we have shared values with. But, as we grow, some of these values change and the quest to go in search of greener pastures pull us apart.

We have made the mistakes of confusing acquaintances for friends, neighbours for friends, colleagues for friends, and so on. Thus bombarding individuals with responsibilities they are not prepared for. When we do not get the same energy we have invested into our supposed friendship, we become obsessed and have the feelings of being betrayed.

In my opinion, friendship, should be like dating. We ask for the permission of those we intend to make friends and see if they are willing to be committed. This way, we distinguish friends from acquaintances, thereby taming feelings of entitlement.


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