ALCOHOL: The New Poison.

Oftentimes, I find writing about certain topics, probably more complex and undesirable. Reason is, they are a little not clear, and I feel like writing them, rather than having a podcast over them, will not just be enough to paint my view.

Some few weeks back, I joined this writer’s group, to learn and hopefully earn afterward. It has been an amazing journey and my Tutor (Eno) is such an amazing human. The thing, is in one of the classes, we were asked to write about our Niche in line of the “why, who and what”. I feel like, my niche is all about writing on what I believe in. Many might disagree with what I think, but if it makes a man’s life better, I will be fulfilled.

Working at the hospital, will reveal all kind of humans to you: The good, the bad and the Ugly. I haven’t stayed long in the profession, but I have had my fair share of them all. Lately, the ones more common and spirit breaking, are the ones who bring a patient to the hospital, and they themselves are all drunk and are of no help at all. People, who can not do the hospital running, neither can they be donors if there is need for blood donation, nor do they have any cash on them to help get drugs and all.

This has me wondering, and revisiting the damages “alcohol,” has done. I have a lot of childhood friends and Childhood classmates, I even find it difficult to see. Maybe it’s just me, but I get scared of what has happened to them. Dreams crushed, many are junkies, some unplanned mothers, others with scars from fighting, and others the cause of their parents sicknesses or deaths as a result of alcoholic influence. Many men, have become wife beaters, fathers who do not care about their kids wellbeing, other than their own thirst to be drunk. Husbands who don’t work, but rather steal the little the wife tries to bring home to take care of the kids, Persons who have ruin their family finances as a result of Alcoholic liver Disease.

If a debate where to be held, I probably will support the motion stating that “alcohol has more damaging effect than good.” In most regions, it is the leading cause of crimes; Arm robbery, rape, Abused, gang wars, poverty and a whole lot of things. Somehow, many will say that all these are as result of uncontrolled Alcohol consumption. I have however been forced to asked myself, if such substances that alter ones perception of life and happiness can be controlled. Somehow, Alcohol has become acceptable and a part of our life, but I have asked myself, to what end?

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