It is trite that where the right of one ends, the right of another begins. Such that while you have the right to swing your arms, it is another’s right to be unharmed and untouched by such act.

Suffice is to say that, I support the Southern Governor’s resolution to ban open grazing and I am particularly moved by their harmony following the consent of their members of the house of representatives.

Open grazing is not in tandem with present day realities. The society evolves and every initiative/business must consistently adopt to this change both to maintain relevance and eschew chaos.

With this resolution, one question comes to mind. WHAT OPTION DOES THE COUNTRY HAS FOR THESE SECT?

Ranching is the practice of raising grazing livestock especially cattle and sheep in an exclusive portion of land. Nigeria is not the only country with livestock farming and shouldn’t cause insecurity to the entire nation and a threat to other’s lives and property.

Mexico, Southern America, Canada, Australia, China, to mention just a few are all involved in cattle farming via the ranging system. Yet, they have not posed a security threat to their nations.

These countries have been able to adapt to present day realities and made use of evolving technology and have produced the largest cattle ranches all over the world such as China modern Dairy, wave Hill, Clifton’s Hill and others thereby boosting their Country’s industry and GDP.

Cattle farming in Nigeria should be done legitimately without being a nuisance to other people considering that we are all Nigerians.

Cattle farmers all over the nation should LEGITIMATELY acquire land for their businesses. If I cannot walk into other people’s farmlands and begin planting simply because I am a Nigerian and my business is farming or forcefully acquire another’s shop because I have a business idea, in like manner a herder should not violently acquire and destroy my farm/property because his business is cattle rearing.

Also, there should be law and order in every sane society. The society should be fair and just to very one.

There are different recognized ways of land acquisition under the Nigerian law ranging from first settlement to transfer of title via sale, mortgages or leases.

Herders should enter MOUs, Sale Agreements and leases with land owners for the use of land. Investors should also consider this venture worth investing in and Government should support this initiative with the requisite technology and basic amenities in order to boost it’s overall economic performance.

On a final note, I commend the stance of the Southern Governors and employ Plateau State and the Middle Belt as a whole to consider and take proactive measures suitable for it’s region. It is actually hard to determine where we stand. We may call ourselves the middle belt but we have a Governor who is the head of Northern Governors forum.

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  1. These herders have to be brought to order. And they most learn to adapt to this modern times. Nigerian government must put religion aside, drop tribalism, and act in unity, putting in mind that one if it’s major responsibility is safeguarding the lifes and property of it’s citizens.


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