One of the most dangerous things poverty does to a person is that it takes away your options. I hated the reality that poverty imposes on one. I remember watching how one wrong financial decision could affect our family’s feeding habits for a month or even more. Even in my life, I’ve seen the same thing. Just one financial emergency made me crawl through April. As I was going through that experience one thing kept going through my mind: I don’t want to ever be in this position again. It is the same feeling I have whenever I see anyone struggling financially.

For poor people, that is their daily reality. Their monthly reality. Every day is an emergency. Every naira is an emergency. A family’s welfare could be determined by how the next 1,000 Naira is used. There is nothing admirable about this state of living.

That’s what we hope to change. We want people to have more options. Wealth gives people the option to choose what they want to do. With wealth, they can choose the school they want to attend. With wealth, they can choose the food they want to eat. With wealth, they can choose to build more wealth. With wealth, they can choose what to wear, where to live, and what to do. Wealth is simply more options. We want people to have this option. There is nothing glorious in living a life of poverty all through our earthly sojourn.

It is my firm belief that I have a duty to my neighbor, and at this present time, it is to look for him and her and to help them rise out of poverty. When Jesus said “Love your neighbor as yourself”, it tells me that, make sure your neighbor doesn’t live in poverty just like you don’t want to live in one.

Love your neighbor as yourself. That’s all we are trying to do!

You can donate in Naira by clicking on this link: https://cutt.ly/nv1Lw7Z

To donate in USD, use this link: https://cutt.ly/8v1LigU

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