Overtime now, we have had motivational speakers and a whole lot of people around, tell us to find what we are passionate about and then look for a way to make money out of it. Somehow, it didn’t really align or make sense to me.

Later on, I will come to a different opinion from “The minimalist.” They will talk about how non of us is really giving birth to with a specific thing he is passionate about. To them, you find something that can generate you a source of income, and then find a way to be passionate about it.

Passion has been defined as “any powerful or compelling emotion or feeling; as love or hate.” No doubt, that defines everything. We can often times, control or work on our emotions.

From the animation “Soul,” we can see the story of a man who throughout his life, has thought he is chasing only one thing and it is what he believed to be his purpose and passion. Eventually after getting his big deal and gig, he felt no difference at all.

Passion is the constant desire to fight for something better. To keep finding home; however this home is eternity and there is no exact end to it, because it isn’t a place, career, family, friends or wealth. Passion is you and finding joy in you.

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