Have you for one reason or the other, ever thought just maybe you are living a “hypocritical life?” I have had that feeling for long. Having to be in-between two different worlds and somehow you have to keep switching. The sad thing about this, is that at the point you realize it, you might have lost yourself already.

For me, this has been a battle for a number of years, and I felt like both lives were mine, but I couldn’t just find a balance for them. Recently I sat down to ask myself why? And I came to the realization that it is because I often want to fit in or please people.

But no, not anymore. People are one creature so difficult to please, and you must realize that your purpose isn’t about acting to please people but for the greater good of humanity. For me, I find balance where God is and hence there isn’t much need for any double life. Wherever I find myself, the standard for my life is first about glorifying God and humanity second.

The only switch I have now, is about knowing the difference between work, a place for family and those I love and a place for my own self. It’s all about our own healing and perfection.

We weren’t made to keep switching forms. I mean that will be deception. The motto, is to be known with the same character by all. It will be impossible when you have no standard to measure what is right in your life. For me, it is God

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