In commemoration of Armed Forces Remembrance Day.

Today is emarked as Armed Forces Remembrance Day. It is a day set aside worldwide to honor the sacrifices of all armies ranging from land, Marine, Navy et al all over the world.

We celebrate your immense sacrifices. The things you go through which words cannot convey are gigantic. This has not only cost you sweat but blood also.

The Nigerian army is deserving of resounding accolades. It has been going through trying times especially in it’s bid to fight the renown terrorist group; Boko Haram. And honestly, much victory is recorded despite fierce adversity. We salute your resilience and doggedness to this cause. We’ll overcome!

To as many whose last drop of blood was drawn to this cause, may the Almighty grant them eternal rest and comfort us all.

Much love!



  1. Today, we remember the sacrifices made by our heroes, to ensure our security as a Nation… Thank you for all that you do…we Salute your bravery always!!


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