It is Allen Saunders who once said that “Life is what happens to us while we are making other plans.”

There is no denying the fact that this quote, is the complete definition of the year 2020. A lot of hope and expectations had been tied to the year and man, we all anticipated that it will be one of the best of all years. Funny enough, it started on a good run, until there was a twist in the story.

The outbreak of the Corona virus, brought the world to a stand still and shook many economies especially Nigeria that hazardously jumped into recession . For the first time, we were opened to the reality of her interwoven the entire universe is. A small virus from China spread over all the continent; really baffling. For the first time in a long time, the world was United.

There is no denying the fact that the Corona virus did a lot of harm, but it opened us up to a lot of things and these include:

-How we have been busy, neglecting those things that matter most to us. For the first time in a long while, families could connect deeply and feel the love in them without the anxieties of daily life hustle.It gave a lot of us opportunities to re-access our lives, to take a break and understand where we are heading to.

-The importance of community is the hallmark of 2020 for me. Somehow, we became our brother’s keeper. Yet again the fires solidarity and neighborliness was ignited. Compassion blossomed genuinely in our hearts and we took intentional efforts to check up on one another.

-It thought us to always be susceptible to change, and desire to constantly grow. A lot of persons lost their job, but a lot of others where created. Life we not be a roller coaster of our desires and expectations but in it there’s an innate ability in man to create and to carve out a path.

-Learning isn’t all about the four walls of a classroom. It is the constant desire to be better that matters. The desire to learn, relearn and unlearn. And suddenly we just were faced with the reality of how sudden the society has become skill based making one efficiently skilled as against merely having a certificate. This opened a lot of opportunities while shutting others.

These among many, where lessons 2020 brought to us. The hallmark for me however, is that as humans, when we come together, there is nothing we cannot achieve. Our power is in each other and we must watch out to make our world better.

2021 is a beautiful year with still a lot of uncertainties to unravel. Ensure you enjoy the ride, learn and implement every lesson learned and most importantly; insist on THRIVING REGARDLESS!


  1. Thank you for this thought….I really enjoyed Reading it. Yes, it is undisputable, that the year 2020 has been an ugly year….The Very dreaded pandemic(corona-virus) which has cause: anxiety, worries, panic & uncertainty around the globe, alot of people have died, some are already infected, and are in various isolation center’s receiving medical attention….But yet in it, I saw brotherhood, Love & care , the world was United like never before, families, persons, Countries, who are in friction saw a need to help one another….in the midst of pandemic folks were making making billions,….in the midst of pandemic people Learn skills & explore opportunities that will better help their lives as persons…in the midst of pandemic people came closer to their creator like never before, even people, that don’t go church or pray see a need to do so..in the midst of pandemic people learn, unlearn & relearn….but it also a Year to remember….As we usher in this year 2021, we have great expectations, and that this year will be better off…. Even as the world still Contain the disease however, We are looking forward to greater year 2021 hopefully!!!!


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